Learning EEG one epoch at a time

The Mission Statement:

1. Learn to interpret EEGs in a systematic and organized fashion.
2. Alleviate trainee intimidation with EEG interpretation.

Montages in the interpretation of the EEG.

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EEG interpretation

Learn EEG montages and nomenclature.

Analyze electrical fields.

Make a hypothesis about the source of the activity.

Learn EEG in a non-intimidating environment at your own pace.

Develop your systematic approach to EEG interpretation.



Breaking EEG into 3 Major Sections

1. Technical Considerations

Quality of the electrode hook up



Field Determination

2. Normal Elements


Symmetry Considerations


Normal Variants

3. Abnormal Elements

Interictal abnormalities: Asymmetry

Interictal discharges

Ictal Interictal Continuum

Seizure onset and evolution

What trainees are Saying:

Trainee Corner